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The War on Christmas – AKA ‘Insane Racist Conspiracy Theory’

I told myself I wouldn’t get involved in the ridiculous ‘war on Christmas’ controversy, but I’ve come across a post on Daylight Atheism that really sheds some light on what the conspiracy theory’s roots might be. An excerpt:

The Roots of the War on Christmas

This year, as they do every year, the religious right is engaging in its annual bout of paranoia and conspiracy-mongering over the supposed secular plot to ban Christmas. Fox News, Christian-right groups, and other outlets in the culture war publish TV segments like “Christmas Under Siege“, books like John Gibson’s The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought, and websites such as Defend Christmas.

Judging by their hysteria, one would think Christmas was teetering on the brink of extinction, rather than a looming and omnipresent holiday that dominates the end of the year and seemingly consumes all media beginning, in many cases now, as soon as the day after Halloween. I’d reassure these conservatives that it’s not going away, if I thought that would do any good. But of course, whipping up irrational fear and anger among their followers is their stock in trade, and it’s big business, too. (“Now you too can join the battle to save Christmas from the secular progressives for only $24.99, plus shipping!”)

The rest of the article goes on to make some rather troubling points for the conspiracy crowd, to which I have nothing further to add. Read it here.