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I Totally Called It

Apparently, Ann Coulter is ‘probably’ going to stop writing books.

Why? Because of ‘increasing taxes on the rich by the Obama administration’. While the world will be a better, more hopefuly place the minute Coulter stops publishing, there is a frightening undertone to the announcement: she was making enough money to consider herself ‘wealthy’.

Do we really need any greater evidence of the total amorality of the universe? No? I thought not.


Hyper-Patriotic Witch Is Becoming Less Popular

Or so I hope, anyway; apparently, sales of her god-awful books have slowed down recently.

(CNN) — Is Ann Coulter losing her mojo when it comes to selling books?

The conservative commentator, whose previous tomes have flown of the bookshelves, isn’t having quite as good luck with her latest hardback, “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America.”

According to Portfolio Magazine, just over 100,000 copies of the book have sold during its two months on the market. While that number far surpasses most politically themed books, its sales to date rank far below those of other Coulter polemics. (Source)

The fact that Coulter’s books have been in any way popular, anywhere, at any time, is deeply, deeply disturbing – and this is coming from someone who actually attempted to read Godless. I’m still scarred from the experience.