Another One for the Idiot Files

I’ve said before that anyone who uses the ‘Atheists actually believe in God!’ argument is an idiot, something which most atheists would agree with me on. Well, today I’ve got someone else for the idiot files:

So, people don’t really need to be convinced through science of the existence of God. Anti-theists wouldn’t accept it anyway. The real issue is one of trying to push God away. Incidentally, in case you are a Christian reading this smugly, chapter 2 of Romans is for you. It says that if you know what God wants you to do and conveniently push it to the side, then you are no different. I suspect many have dismissed the truth about God because of churchgoers who push the truth away from themselves and do whatever enters their mind. The bottom line is this; we all need God and we all need to quit suppressing the truth. Lets face the music, and acknowledge that our natural desire to do our own thing. While we call doing our own thing “freedom”, it is anything but. We become slaves of our own desires and we only want more and more. Th law of diminishing returns requires it. Christ can fulfill that hunger. It is ours for the asking.

Conratulations, Doug Wildman, for turning Christian apologetics on its back and displaying its rotted underbelly for all the world to see.

What I really don’t get about people like this is that there are much better arguments for God out there. It’s true, I’ve studied them! All right, they’re not necessarily fantastic themselves, but at the very least they aren’t so embarrassingly stupid. I’m guessing this one wins out so often because of the ‘warm and fuzzy’ factor.


4 Responses to “Another One for the Idiot Files”

  1. 1 Doug Wildman March 13, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Thanks for responding Nous. I’m glad we could keep this at the civil, intellectual level.

  2. 2 augustine March 13, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    The pleasure is all mine. Hopefully you’ll have some fellow luminaries on the list soon (I found on a few days ago, but have since forgotten where – no worries, that particular piece of apologetic crap is fairly common).

  3. 3 SDR March 14, 2009 at 3:56 am

    Mr. Wildman,

    augustine’s response was absolutely civil and much more intellectual than your “argument.” Civility is measured by the civility of what one is responding to. Let’s take one of your blatant falsehoods, for instance:

    You use the term “anti-theists” instead of atheists. I have presumably been around much more of the atheist community than you ever have, and I can tell you out of hundreds or possibly thousands I can’t even name 5 that were against individual people or an entire group of people simply because they have religious belief. They may be against people who attempt to defend their disgusting actions based on religion, but not simply believers. They are against religion, not people. This clearly isn’t something I can say for religious bigots such as you. Such disingenuous attacks are not civil, and augustine simply responded in kind with the level of civility you have offered.

    And as for intellectuality, augustine responded much more intellectually than you could dream of doing. He made a valid argument and didn’t have to lie to back it up. Your words were enough evidence. Meanwhile, not only did you have to have to misrepresent atheists to attempt to make your point as well as redefine freedom to mean something clearly completely other than freedom, but then you made a supernatural claim with absolutely no evidence presented.

    You’re a bigot, and I don’t think you have any idea what “intellectual level” discourse means.

    I and many other atheists don’t disrespect people simply for having beliefs, we disrespect religion. I would be happy to have a respectful intelligent conversation with you, as I have with many non-bigoted religious people. You show from the outset that it is not possible. You deserve no more than augustine’s response, and in fact probably a lot less.

  4. 4 Doug Wildman October 2, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    I guess where we might be facing some difficulty is that I am not trying to convince you of my beliefs. There are others out there who are a whole lot smarter than I am at these things. I never claimed to be an apologist, nor would I want to be. My goal is to study the Scripture and to proclaim it. Your distaste of my blog entries is a distaste for what the Bible teaches. It’s not my job to make you believe. You have every right not to.

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