Creationist Museum Tours

Via Pharyngula, the Washington Post reports on a tour of the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum undertaken by a group of students from Liberty University. The tour is apparently part of an ‘Advanced Creation Studies’ class, which I would dearly love to attend. I haven’t got much to say on the article, except to point out that the whole thing is slightly surreal; like reading about a group of flat-Earthers orbitting the Earth on the ISS. Link after the (hilarious) quote.

In the upcoming issue of Answers, a leading magazine of the young-Earth movement, the list of “creation vacations” includes the Lowell Observatory in Arizona, the New England Aquarium in Boston and London’s Natural History Museum.

“Why should we be afraid to test our worldview against reality?” asked Bill Jack, a Christian leadership instructor who leads groups across the country for a company called Biblically Correct Tours. “If Christianity is true, it better be true in the natural history museums and in the zoos.”

Ouch. You might want to rethink your wording next time, Bill…



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