Kentucky Passes Adoption Ban

In a depressingly unsurprising move, the state of Kentucky has passed a bill which prohibits unmarried partners from adopting children. As ever, single people (of any orientation) are free to adopt, so long as they don’t live with an unmarried partner.

It didn’t make sense before, and it still doesn’t make sense now.

In a surprise meeting announced as the Kentucky Senate adjourned for the day, a measure that would ban unmarried couples from adopting children or becoming foster parents in Kentucky, Senate Bill 68 (SB 68), was passed by the Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee and sent to the full Senate late last Thursday afternoon.

Introduced by Sen. Gary Tapp (R), SB 68 prohibits someone who is co-habiting with a sexual partner outside of marriage from becoming a foster parent, providing relative caregiver services, or adopting a child, and mirrors a law recently passed in Arkansas.

Sen. Tapp and supporters of SB 68 are saying that the purpose of the bill is to insure that children are placed into a home with a mother and father, however this bill does not ensure that children will be placed in homes with two parents. Singles would still be able to foster or adopt as before, just as long as they don’t live with an unmarried life partner. (Source)

I would imagine that a defence of SB 68 might go something like this: “Well, we’re protecting children. From what? From ending up in broken, dangerous homes! (Andalsogayhomeslet’snotmentionthat.) Discrimination? Nonsense.”

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that the bill is probably aimed squarely at the possibility of a gay couple adopting, but I have to wonder why the Kentucky Family Foundation thinks this is a good idea. All right, they don’t like the idea of children being placed in households with same-sex parents, we get that. But was there any need to stab unmarried, heterosexual couples in the back as well? If we’re actually ‘thinking about the children’, what they’ve done is completely counter-productive.


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