Coffee May Cause Hallucinations

A team in the UK has found a correlation (but not a causative link) between high caffiene intake and increased instances of hallucinations:

People who drink too much coffee could start seeing ghosts or hearing strange voices, UK research has suggested.

People who drank more than seven cups of instant coffee a day were three times more likely to hallucinate than those who took just one, a study found.

A Durham University team questioned 200 students about their caffeine intake, the journal Personality and Individual Differences reported.

However, academics say the findings do not prove a “causal link”.

They also stress that experiencing hallucinations is not a definite sign of mental illness and that about 3% of people regularly hear voices. (Source)

Given the amount of coffee I currently drink, I estimate that I’ll be indistinguishable from someone with severe schizophrenia in about five years.


1 Response to “Coffee May Cause Hallucinations”

  1. 1 Zack January 14, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    My, I don’t think I have even that long. (Mild Laughter)

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