Obama Annoys More People

You may have heard the news: Obama has aggrivated some on the right by inviting a gay bishop to pray at his inauguration. (Alongside a women, also deeply shocking to some.) My considerably large cynical side wonders whether this is just a ploy to reverse some of the damage done by the Rick Warren affair, although it should hopefully calm down a few of Obama’s more rash gay detractors. Gene Robinson, the bishop in question, has also apparently promised to give a somewhat ‘non-Christian’ prayer at the event. I can actually see the sense in this: there are plenty of theists in the USA who aren’t Christian, and there’s no particular reason why he can’t include them in his prayer. Of course, I still mantain that a better idea would be to just leave religion out of it altogether…

In other news:


2 Responses to “Obama Annoys More People”

  1. 1 Zack January 13, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    The Obama camp say the the negotiations were well under way before the Warren affair happened and that it wasn’t a response. I will admit I don’t know whether or not they are telling truth, but that is the official statement.

  2. 2 augustine January 14, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    They could be telling the truth; after all, it would be in line with Obama’s stated principles to plan on inviting people from opposite ends of the religious and theological spectrum right from the start. Still, I’ll be glad when the inauguration is over and everyone moves on to more pressing concerns.

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