More Townhall Stupidity

I frequently ‘tag surf’ around WordPress to discover what other people are writing about, and very often this gives me some inspiration for my own blog posts. A few minutes ago I came across a post on The Right Words?, in which another attempt at discrediting gay marriage is cut down in short order. Curious to see what kind of website would host the stupidity revealed through Laura’s tantalising quotes, I followed her link and discovered that it was Again.

This one is particularly stupid; the author seems to have been on a mission to condense ever tired argument against gay marriage into a single (short) article, not caring whether he robbed  most of them of any sort of context or cohesion on the way. I’m not going to bother refuting the whole thing, mostly because I’ve already countered the only argument found within that’s worth addressing.

I would dearly like to know what kind of editorial process Townhall has in place. I’m guessing acceptance hinges entirely on how geeky a potential writer will look in the little snapshot photos beside their name.


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