This Could Get Interesting…

Predictably enough, somebody has challenged the legality of the recent atheist bus campaign in the UK, although I personally didn’t think anyone was going to take a shot at the slogan’s factual innacuracy…

Now Stephen Green of Christian Voice, who formally hit the front pages by launching a legal challenge against Jerry Springer the Opera on the BBC, has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and is calling for the adverts to be withdrawn.

Mr Green has challenged the adverts on grounds of “truthfulness” and “substantiation”, suggesting that there is not “a shred of supporting evidence” that there is probably no God.

Speaking to distinguished philosopher A C Grayling defended the slogan, saying there was ample justification for the claim. (Source)

Are we about to see a court rule on whether there is ample evidence for God’s existence? Will a legal precedent be set that also interferes with the posting of religious bus advertisements? Does anybody really care?

It will be extremely depressing if this actually goes to court at any point. In case Green hasn’t noticed, God’s existence is something that humans have been wrestling with since the very beginning of philosophy, and there’s still enough debate over the subject that a very wide range of viewpoints are seen as equally legitimate. Saying that God ‘probably’ doesn’t exist is hardly a controversial claim, even if it’s one that you don’t necessarily agree with.


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