Pornography Bailout

Apparently, two big hitters in the American pornography industry are asking the government for a five billion dollar bailout package:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Another major American industry is asking for assistance as the global financial crisis continues: Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis said Wednesday they will request that Congress allocate $5 billion for a bailout of the adult entertainment industry.

“The take here is that everyone and their mother want to be bailed out from the banks to the big three,” said Owen Moogan, spokesman for Larry Flynt. “The porn industry has been hurt by the downturn like everyone else and they are going to ask for the $5 billion. Is it the most serious thing in the world? Is it going to make the lives of Americans better if it happens? It is not for them to determine.”

Francis said in a statement that “the US government should actively support the adult industry’s survival and growth, just as it feels the need to support any other industry cherished by the American people.” (Source)

Predictably, the comments section of that story is full of religious moralising over the evils of pornography. What I found more surprising is that Flynt and Francis admitted that the industry isn’t actually in financial trouble. If that’s true, there really isn’t any reason why it needs government money – surely there are other areas that could do with five billion dollars?

EDIT: Apparently, the request wasn’t even serious. That would make a lot more sense…


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