I was vaugely aware of before now, but I’ve only recently watched their latest video. It happily coincides with homosexuality, so I decided to do a little review.

First of all, the ‘creation’ in the title seems to refer to both Creationism and to Christianity in general. Their seventh video, the one I’m reviewing here, mentions Ray Comfort and features Kent Hovind’s son, who has unfortunately inherited his father’s rather unique ability to speak for half an hour without sayinig anything worthwhile. The other presenter, Jonathan Sampson, appears to enjoy Ann Coulter’s books.

The video itself is very well made, as is the CreationGuys website. All in all, the whole thing leaves me wishing there was a similarly high-quality series with an atheistic slant. You can take those two sentences as the entirety of the positive section of the review.

Roughly one third of the video is given over to discussing how Christians should react to homosexuality, and predictably enough, Leviticus is brought up immediately. Nothing new there, but what left me truly amazed is the monumentally stupid way in which Hovind and Sampson deal with the topic. They begin by stating outright that Leviticus contains orders to kill homosexuals (or at least those who engage in homosexual sex), along with disobedient children and adulterers, but then shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly by stating that people probably were executed for these ‘crimes’ in accordance with Levitican law. This is one of my biggest problems with Leviticus, and it is usually ignored entirely by Christians. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for the Creation Guys, who actually state outright that they’re glad they weren’t alive back then as they probably would have been executed. Blithely unaware of the enormous moral quandary they’ve just raised, they then proceed to give the stock response about Jesus ‘fulfilling’ the law and so doing away with such a barbaric penal code.

In case you don’t understand the problem here, think about it: you cannot wave away the brutality of the Levitican code by pointing out that we don’t have to follow it if you’ve just admitted that an unfortunate group of people in the past did have to follow it. You must explain why a good God ordered that children be killed for disobedience, particularly if you believe that the Levitican law was actually put into use at some point. The Creation Guys somehow fail to understand this.

The video really goes downhill from there, hitting rock bottom at the inevitable assertion that homosexuality is changeable by groups like Exodus International. They repeat the strawman argument that homosexuality is claimed to be entirely genetically determined and, as always, fail to provide any scientific or statistical evidence to support the claim that religious ‘therapies’ are effective methods of altering a person’s sexual orientation. The one positive thing they do is to warn Christians against placing undue attention on homosexuality compared to other sins, but at this point I have little hope that many will take their advice.

The next topic is one of the supposed Biblical contradictions, an area I’ve never been all that interested in. I had never come across the one they cover (Judas’ death), so I’ll take at face value their conclusion that there isn’t actually a contradiction there. Curiously, they both agree that any contradictions in the Bible would make it ‘not worth the paper it’s printed on’. (Humorously, Hovind steps into his father’s ignoble footprints by offering $1,000 to anyone who can show him an actual Biblical contradiction). Does being completely at odds with scientific and historical reality constitute as devastating a blow to Biblical inerracy as a formal contradiction? Apparently not, as their third and final topic is sexual selection, which apparently proves that Darwin was ‘full of it’.

Firstly, I should point out that demonstrating flaws in Darwin’s original arguments is a completely pointless endeavour. Darwin was wrong about a great deal (something that any scientist will tell you), and the theory of evolution has moved on an enormous amount since his time. Most Creationist don’t seem to realise this, however, and will happily talk about ‘refuting Darwin’ by claiming that the human genome is too large and complex to have evolved naturally (if you don’t realise why this makes no sense, you may be what the Creation Guys refer to as ‘just a dumb Creationist’).

As it happens, I’ve actually read the New Scientist article they’re talking about (Creationists almost never get their information from academic sources). It concerns a study which found that peacocks don’t, contrary to what most people believe, choose their mates according to the colour or size of their tail feathers and other physical characteristics. At the time I thought it was an interesting article, but didn’t get the impression that it represented any great upset to the foundations of evolution – after all, showing that peacocks are not evidence of sexual selection does not somehow prove that sexual selection is non-existent. This is a point that Creationists seem completely unable to grasp, which explains why so many of them believe that they can destroy the entire theory of evolution by claiming (often erroneously) that a single aspect of it is different to what was previously thought.

The Creation Guys are not very intelligent or learned outside of their particular ‘field’, and their videos represent little more than brief summaries of the ideas generally associated with American Evangelism. They no doubt appeal to younger Christians and those who aren’t interested in seriously considering these topics, but I’d probably have trouble recommending them even if I didn’t disagree with virtually everything they say.


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  1. 1 Caleb & Sol January 7, 2009 at 4:03 am

    “In God we make our boast all day long” – Psalm 44:8

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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