Christmas Wishes

Christmas can sometimes be a bit anti-climatic when it finally arrives, but right now I’m stuffed with turkey and feeling pretty good about the whole seaon. There’s something worthwhile about having one day every year that almost everyone celebrates in some form or another, even if they don’t all do so entirely willingly. It’s especialliy worthwhile if it can make people’s thoughts in a positive way towards the many problems that our species faces, and in that spirit I’d like to quote a post I read on Daylight Atheism entitled ‘What I Want For Christmas’. I’d agree with everything on that list, but the following in particular are events that I sincerely hope I’ll live long enough to witness.

I would have the Pope admit that he was wrong to oppose family planning and abortion, wrong to exclude gays and women from the priesthood, and wrong to teach that he knows anything more about God’s will or God’s existence than anyone else. I would have him urge his flock to liberate their women, learn about and use contraception, and sell off his fabulous wealth and use the proceeds for the good of the poor throughout the world.

I would have the absolute rulers of the Islamic world close down their state-sponsored madrassahs, imprison their morality police, and then resign their thrones and teach their people about human rights and democracy. I would like to see a new flowering of science, art and culture among the Islamic people, a rebirth of the wonderful culture of tolerance and exuberant creativity they once enjoyed.

I would like to see the world’s billionaires unite and form a massive nonprofit to fight poverty and disease everywhere. I would like to see the world’s corporations agree that they will funnel their profits into this trust, rather than paying out further bonuses and dividends to the already wealthy.

I would like to see the nations of the world come together to safeguard the planet’s remaining wilderness, agree on a comprehensive plan to stop global warming, and pour their wealth into developing new sources of clean energy.

What would you like for Christmas?


3 Responses to “Christmas Wishes”

  1. 1 paulneedzafriend December 26, 2008 at 2:43 am

    I think it’s obvious that people will stop arguing about abortion and the like once they accept the
    SCIENTIFIC FACT that humans are a polygynous species meant to live in harems.
    I suggest you read ” Humans Belong in Harems (The Truth is Finally Out)” and ” But Is Harem Life Natural for Humans? “to find out the truth about human sexuality and reproduction.

    • 2 augustine December 26, 2008 at 1:22 pm

      I’ve come across the suggestion before that humans are ‘naturally’ polygamous, which is an idea I don’t have any particular problem with – personally, I can see why a lot of people might benefit from having more ‘open’ relationships. However, anyone who makes an argument according to ‘what nature intended’ is, to my mind, almost always confusing ‘is’ for ‘ought’.

  2. 3 jennysaisquoi December 27, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    I would like for those who call themselves Christian to actually practice Christianity. You know…love their neighbors, forgive, help the needy, and turn the other cheek. Hypocritical Christianity is my personal pet peeve, and to see an end to it would be an apt Christmas present. And I would like a pony. ;)

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