Californian Marriages to be Nullified?

I’ve previously written about the pro-Proposition 8 group Protect Marriage and how, like many of those against marriage equality, they were rather quiet on the issue of the many same-sex married couples already residing within California. If you recall, their FAQ has only this to say on the matter:

From the Protect Marriage FAQ.

From the Protect Marriage FAQ.

That makes it sound as if pre-Prop 8 marriages are none of their concern, right? Well, apparently when they said that the matter ‘will be up the Courts to decide’, what they meant was ‘we’ll try to convince the Courts to stop recognising those marriages’.

Those opposed to Proposition 8 filed three challenges to its legality shortly after it passed, and Yes On 8/Protect Marriage has responded to each of those lawsuits. One of their responses apparently contains the following:

“Proposition 8’s brevity is matched by its clarity. There are no conditional clauses, exceptions, exemptions, or exclusions: ‘Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.’ … Its plain language encompasses both pre-existing and later-created same-sex (and polygamous) marriages, whether performed in California or elsewhere. With crystal clarity, it declares that they are not valid or recognized in California.” (Source)

I wonder why they didn’t focus more attention on this in their push to convince Californians to vote yes on Proposition 8? It’s always been obvious that Proposition 8 could be used to retroactively invalidate hundreds of same-sex marriages, but even I didn’t think that groups like Protect Marriage were going to actively push for this to be done. Apparently, same-sex marriage is such a burning moral issue that it must not be allowed to exist at all, lest society collapse under the sheer weight of the sin visited upon it.

Do these people not realise that they’re causing serious disruptions in the lives of other human beings? Do they not realise that same-sex couples (and, in some cases, their children) actually do believe in the institution of marriage? Despite what the religious right likes to claim, this is not a grandstanding political move, nor is it part of some ridiculous conspiracy to indoctrinate American high schoolers. Hundreds of same-sex couples desperately wanted their relationships to receive the same state validation as opposite-sex couples have always enjoyed, and when they were given the oppurtunity to receive that validation, they went for it. I’m sure the people behind the wording of these latest briefs will be just as delighted at the destruction of those marriages as they were at their first moral victory.


‘Group seeks to void gay marriages’ on BBC News Americas.

‘Prop 8 proponents seek to nullify same-sex marriages’ on


2 Responses to “Californian Marriages to be Nullified?”

  1. 1 kip December 21, 2008 at 1:57 am

    This is insane. I like to break things down to their simplest form.
    The question is: Should two people who are in love be able to marry each other?
    Beyond first cousins and minors, the answer has to be ‘yes’.

  2. 2 augustine December 21, 2008 at 11:54 am

    You’d think it would be that simple, but apparently not. (Of course, some in the religious right would be quick to remind you that homosexuality is about behaviour, not anything innate. Which is…rather contradictory, but I’m not expecting them to make sense.)

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