OneNewsNow Supports Adoption Rights For Gay Couples

The well-known crackpot news source, OneNewsNow, has published an article implying that it supports adoption rights for gay couples.

I kid, of course; they’ve done no such thing, but I thought it would be fun to momentarily adopt the reporting tactics of the religious right (zing). Actually, the article I linked to reminded that, in the midst of ongoing debates over gay marriage, a lot of people forget that the potentially more serious issue of gay adoption still deserves some attention. Even I haven’t looked into it as seriously as I should, so I decided to hit up Wikipedia to do some research.

According to this entry, it is legal in the overwhelming majority of states in the USA for a homosexual individual to adopt a child. Note that I said individual – bizarrely, the situation when it comes to homosexual couples is far more ambiguous. In Arkansas, for example, it is legal for a gay individual to adopt but illegal for a gay couple to jointly petition for adoption. The same is apparently true of Michigan, Mississippi, and Utah, while several more are ‘unclear’ on the matter. Does this not strike anyone else as being just a little bit odd?

The situation is similar in many European countries (Finland, France and Poland, among others) and parts of Australia. Obviously, gay couples are in no position to adopt in countries where homosexuality is illegal.

What exactly is the justification for this? If a single gay person can make a fit parent, why do two single gay people abruptly become unfit parents when they decide to enter into a long-term relationship? I’m guessing this is an extension of some sort of prohibtion on co-habiting couples adopting (gay or straight), but frankly, those laws are pretty stupid too. For those who worry that gay people in genral are less likely to make good parents, I have three arguments for you:

1) Being raised by a gay parent is not going to guarantee (or, according to some research, increae the likelihood) that a person will grow up to be gay. Yes, I know that those who oppose gay adoption don’t generally admit that this is a concern, but let’s be honest here. Even if there was an increase in homosexuality among children raised by gay parents, aren’t we at the stage where we can admit that that’s not necessarily akin to children being more likely to develop, say, schizophrenia? Oh, we’re not? Sorry, I must have fallen asleep and had that ‘utopia’ dream again.

2) Homosexuals aren’t child molestors. Once again, this ‘concern’ is rarely admitted to, but it’s more widespread than you’d think (although thankfully it’s very, very far from being universal).

3) And finally, the most important argument: adoptive parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, are heavily screened before they’re allowed to care for a child. Adoption agencies do not simply hand out children willy-nilly, nor are they going to start doing so after buckling under pressure from the omnipotent Gay Agenda (sadly, that wasn’t a strawman). Because many gay couples, particularly male ones, have no choice but to adopt, it’s more or less guaranteed that they’ll be more capable of looking after a child than the general population. Whereas Joe and Jane Drugaddict can procreate like rabbits as long as they don’t mess up their kids too obviously, a gay couple that wishes to adopt will need to meet a fairly high standard before they can do so.

I have no particular desire to ever adopt, but who knows – that may change in the future. It would be a wonderful thing to give a home to a child who needs one, but am I going to have to move elsewhere to enjoy the same right as a heterosexual person in that regard?

Gay adoption (and gay parenthood in general) is an extremely important area. It involves not only the rights of gay people, but the rights of their potential children – children who, I should remind you, are probably not interested in becoming the target for crazy political smear campaigns. When the world eventually wakes up and grants full marriage rights to gay people, adoption is going to come into the forefront in a very big way; where it isn’t legal already, it is going to be demanded. I for one am not looking forward to seeing children used as a tool by the religious right.

EDIT: I just happened across this charming article, which is both batshit insane and an excellent example of I was talking about in the paragraph above. While I would actually agree with the author’s basic point (the woman apparently filing for sole custody really doesn’t have a case and is probably doing it for political reasons), the blatantly manipulative language, coupled with the dozens of unqualified statements thrown casually into the mix, is staggering.


2 Responses to “OneNewsNow Supports Adoption Rights For Gay Couples”

  1. 1 jennysaisquoi December 17, 2008 at 12:29 am

    i don’t understand how the religious right fights so hard for unborn children, but tends to forget about the millions of born, unadopted, and abandoned children in this country (or around the world for that matter). and if any adult or adult couple wants to give a loving home to one of these children AND makes it through the stringent process of adoption “vetting,” then why is that such a bad thing?? to me, the denial of a gay couple to adopt is akin to the denial of an interracial couple to adopt—it just doesn’t make any sense.

  2. 2 augustine December 17, 2008 at 10:37 am

    I was about to say that the religious right seems to be more interested in unborn children than post-birth ones, but actually I get the impression that a lot of them are simply using fetuses as weapons in the ‘culture war’ as well. Nothing incites frothing moral outrage like unborn babies, right?

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